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Consumer Credit Reports Online Guide

The Consumer Credit Report Online Guide is designed as a general resource page describing how to order and check your personal credit report.

We provide information on both qualifying for a free credit report and ordering a credit report (single, merged, and/or online) from the major Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) - Equifax, Experian (TRW), and Trans Union.  In addition we provide information on how to correct any errors you discover after examining your personal credit report.

We provide information on subjects including:

The Credit Report Agencies (CRAs) gather consumers' credit histories and then sell that information to credit-grantors, such as banks, retailers or credit-card companies. Nationally, there are three main CRAs: Equifax, Experian (formerly TRW) and Trans Union. Companies use credit reports from the CRAs to evaluate an individual's credit record in a wide range of situations including applications for credit, insurance, employment, and rental housing.

Your report can contain the following information about you:

  • General information, such as name, Social Security Number, marital status and address (both past and present);
  • Employer name and address;
  • Debtors and payment history;
  • Inquirers of your credit file; and,
  • Public record information, such as bankruptcies or liens

One's credit report is an important aspect of an individuals financial life. They serve as the main repository and reference point of a personís financial history.  It is important to know and understand what's on your report. And of course, to check for mistakes on your report. 

If you are concerned about your credit - either because of past problems or future plans to apply for credit, housing, or employment - we recommend you order your credit report . (First, make sure to see if you qualify for a free credit report.).  Examine the report to familiarize yourself with your recorded financial history and check for and correct and errors. 

Also remember that while a report from a single agency is a good starting point to monitoring your personal credit history, information provided by each of the CRAs may be different.


The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional financial, credit, or legal advice.

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