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If you are considering applying for a loan, you should begin by reading the article Applying for a Loan?--Start by Ordering Your Credit Report.

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    Auto Loans has developed the easiest and best way for consumers to finance new and used cars at very competitive rates.  Consumers can apply on line and within 15 minutes, PeopleFirst will contact them with a credit decision.

     PeopleFirst sends its customers blank checks so they can purchase any car from any dealer or private individual without paperwork hassles. By shopping with PeopleFirst's bank check, customers are cash buyers, who can negotiate even better deals on their purchase. PeopleFirst makes financing simple, easy and offers superior customers service, with extremely attractive rates.


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    Mortgage Loans creates real competition for the consumer by having Lenders compete for your Mortgage business in Real-Time.  The result is that Lenders have a real incentive to provide the best terms possible for your mortgage because they are faced with immediate and direct competition.

    The advantages include:

    • You enter data only once, not at lots of sites, or with lots of lenders
    • Many lenders can offer you bids, and re-bid lower and lower
    • You see everything and are in control with multiple bids to choose (we'll recommend the best based on what you tell us is important)
    • We even download all of the lending forms to you, completed with all of the data you gave us, saving you valuable time and effort

    Your Mortgage is Valuable, let Lenders Bid for it!

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    Student Loans

    Consolidate Student Loans with Collegiate Funding Services. This is a practical student debt management tool that enables you to bundle all of the federal loans you received to finance your education into a single loan.

    The advantages include:

    • A convenient loan application process supported by knowledgeable loan specialists
    • Payments that may be up to 43% less a month than what you are paying now
    • Repayment term flexibility - Select a repayment term that makes sense for you and your financial circumstances
    • One low fixed interest rate that is not subject to change every July (rate based on the weighted average of your existing loans, rounded up to the nearest 1/8%. Rate not to exceed 8.25%.)
    • Our unique Real Rewards Interest Rate Reduction Program under which you can reduce your interest rate by up to 1% by making consecutive on-time loan payments
    • The fastest loan processing turnaround time in the industry that allows you to have your new loan in place within three to four weeks following receipt of your completed application
    • The convenience of making one loan payment a month coupled with exceptional loan servicing instead of making multiple loan payments every month to different places

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